A. Dudos company produces plastic and rubber parts for all industries: furniture, car chassis parts and other various products.
Our products are manufactured in accordance with highest standards.
In order to produce the highest quality products, we carry out many durability tests.

Our products

  1. Ball joint rubber boot covers and plastic inserts

    Safety, reliability and top quality are guaranteed by installing our made ball joint rubber dust boot covers and plastic inserts. All dimensions correspond to the dimensions of the original parts. This ensures the substitutability of any ball joint part.

    Dust boot covers provides flawless resistance to temperature changes, lubricants, fuel and other environmental factors.

    Plastic inserts ensures smooth movement of parts and their durability.

    Original detail quality.

  2. Furniture

    We produce wide assortment of furniture. Accepting orders for new products. Highest quality guarantee.

  3. Other industries

    We produce plastic and rubber parts for all industries. Contact us for more information.

  4. New orders
20years of experience